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Private PA      
A hugely diverse role with many facets.  Personality fit is key to this role as well as skill and experience.  The level of discretion and confidentiality required is paramount together with the ability to resource and juggle many different requests and expectations.  A Private PA can be found within a residence liaising with the household staff or work from an office supporting the Founder and his immediate family.  Many CEO’s/Founders have a Private PA working alongside the Corporate EA with their C-Suite office for ease of communication.

Junior Private PA 
A Junior Private PA will work under the wing of the senior PA and have a minimum of 6-12 months experience in a similar role coupled with lots of enthusiasm. They can also be found with a residence or family office and are on hand to assist where possible. They will learn the role from the ground up and be willing to go the extra mile. Junior Private PA’s will assist the PA in supporting the Principal and/ or wider family with day to day personal requirements and household management. 

Travelling PA
A unique role combining many skills and emotional intelligence.  Usually supporting at CEO/Founding Partner or UHNW level and being available to travel at the drop of a hat to support the Principal.  Many have an additional language and a CV demonstrating a similar role in the past where support on a 24/7 level will be required.  Again, a high level of discretion and responsibility will be expected with outstanding logistics and top communication skills.

Chief of Staff
Chief of Staff is a term that is used for an extremely capable individual who acts as an interface for a Founding Partner/HNW individual/Family Office or Commercial Enterprise liaising with other members of staff or heads of different divisions within a company.  Distilling information and reporting back to the Principal or CEO.

Chief of Staff within a Company
A highly experienced individual with demonstrated experience and understanding of different divisions within a company who can spot gaps or omissions within a company and suggest amending/restructuring or hiring to resolve any issues.  A top communicator who leads by example and has an overview of the goals of the Principal/CEO and works towards those goals.  Reporting into the CEO/Founder, many become an indispensable wingman to the Principal working within many projects and assisting in the future direction of the company.  A deep range of experience will be expected across different areas of business from investment, finance, philanthropy and legal matters.  Sitting in on many meetings a highly organised and focused way of working is essential.  Degree standard within law or finance is common for this role.  A high level of discretion and commitment will be expected.  Travel may be expected

Chief of staff for an UHNW/HNW Individual/Family Office
The flavor of this role differs from a Chief of Staff within a company.  The role can be based within a Family Office supporting the Principal & CEO to co-ordinate and assist with the many investments and interests of the Principal.  This can range from investments outside of the normal business of the Principal to involve personal investments such as art and wine collections, cars, yachts and private jets to angel investments in technology etc.  Private investments would also include purchasing residences & estate management.  Involvement in the hiring of staff, travelling with the Principal (often overseas) and troubleshooting when needed is the norm for this level of role.  A high level of communication and a wide understanding of finance, budgets and overseeing expenses comes with the role together with the ability to proof-read complex documents and have a good understanding of legal matters.  An additional language is a plus point

Chief of Staff/Estate Manager
This role is primarily focused on the running of the residences for the Principal or Family.  Many have multiple residences in several countries, top logistic skills are required. The Chief of Staff has in depth knowledge of running an UHNW household and dealing with all matters related to the staff; assisting with rotas, budgets, recruitment and training this person will have excellent knowledge of each role within the household and the level of support/experience required.  The role can incorporate Estate Management, overseeing of refurbishments, dealing with trades and suppliers, purchasing equipment/household goods and services etc.  The Chief of Staff can also be involved the purchase of luxury items/insurance.  Overseeing social events & suppliers. This role can also include travelling ahead of the Principal to make sure the residence is in perfect order before the Principals arrive and deal with any staff issues or purchases required.  A high level of communication & discretion is required.

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