Personalised Childcare Solutions: Explore the Perfect Nanny Services with Leaman Consulting

Embarking on the journey to find the ideal nanny for your family requires careful thought and individualised attention.

Recognising the uniqueness of every family and their specific childcare needs, Leaman Consulting offers a diverse range of nanny services to ensure a tailored match for your family.

Let's delve into the various options provided by Leaman Consulting.


Our daily nannies offer adaptable and reliable childcare regularly, seamlessly integrating into your family to provide consistent support for a nurturing environment. They operate on a live-out basis, primarily Monday to Friday, with the flexibility to accommodate proxy-parenting duties as needed.


For families seeking continuous care, our live-in nannies become extended family members, seamlessly integrating childcare into your daily routine. Typically working Monday to Friday, including babysitting, their live-in status allows for flexibility in mornings, evenings, and occasional weekends.


When a 24/7 support system is essential, our cover nannies step in to ensure continuous care, meeting the needs of parents with unpredictable schedules or those requiring overnight support for young children.


Ideal for families with demanding schedules, rota nannies work on a rotational basis, ensuring a dedicated caregiver is always available. This team-based approach typically involves a 2-week on/off schedule, up to a month on/off.


Addressing short-term childcare needs, our temporary nannies offer flexibility and peace of mind during transitional periods. Available globally and self-employed, they ensure quality care for temporary situations.


Families on the move can rely on our travelling nannies to provide stability and nurturing care during vacations or business trips. With flexible schedules tailored to the family's needs, they bring years of experience in organising travels and ensuring children are well taken care of on the go.


Combining childcare expertise with administrative skills, our nanny/PAs offer a multifaceted approach to family support. Best suited for school-aged children or as part of a team, they manage both childcare and organisational tasks separately.


Balancing childcare with household management, Nanny/Housekeepers ensure a smoothly running home while providing attentive care. From house chores to running errands, they contribute to the overall wellbeing of your family.


Catering to families with flexible schedules, our part-time nannies provide tailored support during specific hours. Working under 35 hours per week, they accommodate various arrangements, either over a few full days or after-school.


Preserve precious family time with our weekend nannies, offering flexible working hours for one or two full days to ensure your children are well-cared for while you enjoy quality moments together.


Specialised in infant care, baby nannies bring expertise and tenderness crucial during the early stages of your child's life. From weaning to potty training, they play a vital role in supporting new parents.


Integrating educational support with childcare, Nanny/Governesses provide a holistic approach to your children's development, offering academic guidance alongside nurturing care.


Leaman Consulting is committed to delivering personalised childcare solutions that align with your family's unique needs.

With a diverse range of nanny services, trust us to bring unparalleled expertise and dedication to your family's childcare journey.


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